03/12/2014 - Signed on to Devon Energy.
Provide trucking services in the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale area

01/31/2013 - Signed on to Gateway Logistics Provided Step Deck w/ramps and RGN trailers to haul rental equipment and rig tools and pipe to Marathon Oil, H&P, Nabors, and Patterson well sites.

09/15/2012 - Signed on to United Rentals Provided Step Deck and RGN trailers to haul heavy rental equipment to oilfield sites and yards for Chesapeake, Patterson, H&P, and other oilfield operators.

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Welcome to woods trucking & equipment

Thank you for dropping by our website to check out our services. Our main focus is supporting oilfield related equipment moving. This may involve moving cranes, dozers, forklifts, wheel loaders, graders, booms, complete rig moves, heavy haul, offload trucks, large spools, and more.

why choose us?

we respect our customers

Our drivers and staff are all taught that the customer keeps us in business so treat them and their equipment with the upmost respect and we may earn the opportunity to do business again. Lets face it, without you our customer we would not be in business. Let us earn your respect.

Other Company Safety

Our drivers practice proper safety and are rewarded for that. Incentives are a great way to reward drivers which in turn keeps our loads arriving properly and in good order, our equipment running smoother, and the public safer.

response time

Our goal to respond to your needs ASAP. This may be within the hour or within 24 hours depending on where and what needs moved.

Cert's: Our employees are certified (H2S, Safeland, Fit Test, Forklift, Aerial) and have delivered to most all rig sites including Marathon, Encana, EOG, Patterson, Devon, Chesapeake, H&P, Talisman, plus others.


paperless Initiative

We started years ago asking some of our vendors, suppliers, and end customers to support paperless initiatives. Today, we are 90% paperless and still have a goal to be 100% paperless within a few years. Help us reach our goal.